Project Details

  • E-Stores

It will continue to become increasingly difficult to sell to consumers without an E-Commerce storefront. Most importantly, you need to have a solid landing page that contains calls to action, summative information, and pleasant aesthetics. Without a functioning web store, all other methods of gaining customers become somewhat futile, especially in today's digital economy.

  • Traffic Acquisitions

Using international connections, we acquire traffic from various sources at an optimal price to build up a steady reserve of traffic numbers of varying engagement. Our sources for these methods have been found over time, through trial and error.

  • Influence Brokerage

By sorting through vast swaths of influencers and content creators on social media, we negotiate deals to secure high engagement traffic at a below average cost. Usually, we start with small test promotions, to find high-conversion sources. Then, once we find the best sources of influence, we complete bulk deals to discount the unitary promotional cost.

  • Content

It is incredibly important to consistently produce some type of content. Certain types of businesses integrate better as content producers, but the key is to have some quantity of posts on each platform with proper engagement numbers to boost social proof for your brand. Our business works remotely, so it will be difficult for us to produce content for you, so we will generally use photos and videos provided by the business, and also collect content from influencers.

  • Advertisements

Although we primarily conduct influencer deals, it is also important to use standard advertisements within the social media apps to get customers. We construct internal ads that will make a rock-solid case for your business, which can be used for long periods of time.

  • SEO/Backlinks

In order to increase referential traffic, it is critical to optimize your website for search engines. Much of this process is conducted similarly to an influencer deal, although when aiming for proper SEO, it is best to use offsite webpages linking to your landing page to showcase your brand. Also, it helps to add onsite written content so that your business shows up under more keywords.

  • Email Lists

For the sake of long term leads, it is important to start an email list. As long as you aren't excessivelly emailing people about pointless subjects, this tool allows your business to notify interested customers of coupons or discounts. As a digital asset, an extensive email list increases the overall valuation of your business just like any other type of property.

  • Research

The methods involved in E-Commerce development change rapidly, so it is super important to heavily research methods, so that you don't fall behind the times. Oftentimes, lazy web businesses will operate on knowledge from several years in the past, not realizing that the entire lead generation framework had changed. This is why we take method research very seriously.

  • Reports

In order to summarize results, our projects contain a final report containing pertinent numbers and research. After each transaction, we always provide some type of tangible digital asset, so it is important to convey this idea through a reporting system. All of our deals are personalized to the client, so we include descriptions of our project decisions, including resource sources driving these decisions.